Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Ghosts?  Do they exist?  Probably.  Is there proof or evidence?  It's hard to say.  I'm sort of agnostic on the subject.  I'm a healthy skeptic that can take in explanations.  There's an explanation for many of the so called "evidence" that's out there.  But on the other hand there's the thought of life after death.  After all I believe in a heaven.  Are there spirits that haven't crossed over to that special place?

Orbs?  What's the deal.  The simple explanation is that it's nothing but dust particles in the air that reflect light when the picture is shot with a flash.  Even without a flash, what little light there is can be reflected back into the lens.  Some see face in them or any other thing.  We can call this pereidolia.  We humans see things in patterns.  So if you were to look at this  :)  sideways you'd see a face, right?  Maybe ghost like faces in photos and mere orbs look more like faces than simple dots and a curved line.  But really, that's what much of it is.  Coincidence.

EMF?  Some speculate that spikes in electrical energy show evidence.  But there's electrical signals all around us like radio waves, cell phone waves, digital tv waves, etc.  Some of these electrical impulses stay for many years.  A radio show was picked up once that hadn't been played over the air in years.  But why bother here. TV shows and internet sites claim that most of these EMF detections are not near any electrical source and in places where signals would not likely show up, especially in such huge spikes.  But that is tv.  We don't know if it's for show.  I mean after all, if they didn't find anything where they went, then they'd have no show, right?

That brings me to EVP.  Electrical Voice Phenomena.  This could easily be voices outside or voices from signals picked up.  Or it could be that you're just listening to intently.  But is it really?  They seem to be in response to people's presence, if this is not for show.  EVP seems to be the strongest evidence if it's not staged and many experts say that it can't be so easily.

Here's what I believe about it.  There is a heaven and hell and then there's our world.  When we die the electrical impulses from the brain do not die, just like radio signals do not die out.  Where do they go when the body dies and decomposes?  Wherever they want or can.  Maybe they're afraid to face god and don't go towards him.  Maybe they have unfinished business that they must inevitably let go of.  But as for whether we can detect them, maybe sometimes we can, but I think most of it is faked or imagined.

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